Posted by: runningwinegirl | June 4, 2010

Memorial Day 2 Wine Adventure – John Deere, Bottle Shock, Friends & 2 Great Wineries

Sunday started out nice and quiet following a busy Saturday. While drinking my normal morning cup of coffee, I caught a tweet from @vawinetime mentioning they would be heading to Breaux and then meeting up with @myvinespot at Notaviva winery afterwards. I was planning to go to Breaux that day for the Face to Facebook meet up but loved the idea of going to another new vineyard beforehand. I was thrilled to have @wineaccguy join me. I tweeted and let them know we’d be coming in the hope of meeting up. This is an awesome crew of wine bloggers and they are a blast to hang out with while drinking wine.

We arrived at Notaviva and I was intrigued immediately. It was super cute and I was of course staring at the huge John Deere tractor sitting at the top of the hill. My parents have one close to the same size although I still think my Dad’s is bigger and well, I love big toys like that. It was a pretty tasting room with a gorgeous upstairs. The view was equally pretty and reminded me of Three Fox Vineyards setting. We met up with @vawinetime and waited for @myvinespot to arrive. The timing worked out perfectly to taste as a huge spot opened right as @myvinespot showed up. We started with the 08 Vincero Viognier aged in stainless steel. I tasted citrus fruits and overall this was a crisp, lighter bodied wine. The 08 Ottantotto Viognier was the exact opposite. It actually reminded me more of a Chardonnay. This was medium bodied and had subtle notes of vanilla on the palate. Both were nice wines that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Vidal Blanc was next and for some reason I was skipped in the pouring so I missed tasting this wine. Next was the 09 Calor Chardonnay and I learned it had been bottled two weeks before. This has potential but it needs some more time in the bottle before it settles. I’ll be going back to try it later this summer.

Moving onto the reds, the 09 Celtico Chambourcin was the first one poured. This too had been bottled two weeks before. I tasted dark fruit with a nice structure but no doubt this wine will improve with time. It’s delicious but young. The 08 Cantabile Cabernet Franc was my favorite of all the wines. I knew when I saw its pretty color in the glass I’d like it and on the nose I got raspberries. I love raspberries and eat them every chance I get. This was a medium bodied Cab Franc with low tannins and lots of dark fruit on my palate. I will be going back to have more of this wine.  We all sat down following the tasting and ordered a bottle each of the two different viogniers. It was fun to hang out with the crew and watch the iPad in action. I love these guys and always learn so much when I’m with them. I look forward to next time.

@Wineaccguy and I headed out though after to get to Breaux in time for the Face to Facebook meet up. We were greeted in the tent by Jen who poured us a glass of the 07 Double Reserve Cellar Club Cabernet and wow, I love it this wine. It’s delicious, full and smooth. Every time I try a cellar club wine I’m reminded why I need to become a Cellar Club member and I’ll get there soon.  Wines for members are not available outside of the club.  Jen poured us the 05 Nebbiolo next, which was one of my favorites from the Nebbiolo tasting I went to last month. Following that was the 06 Meritage. All the wines are delicious and were a treat to taste again. @Wineaccguy and I enjoyed the pretty afternoon listening to the live music, sipping a glass of wine and relaxing with the gorgeous views Breaux offers.

The day extended though upon returning to the tent and meeting a super nice couple from DC. We ladies engaged in some fashion talk and had the guys teasing us for it. Upon finishing their tasting, this couple invited us to join them for a picnic. It was a really fun afternoon filled with new friends and great conversation. I was surprised when at 6pm an employee approached us with plastic cups to use so she could clean up the glasses and we could continue to enjoy our wine. This was a first for me as most vineyards ask you nicely to leave when closing.  I love fun, random days like this and they don’t happen nearly enough. It was great to have two good wineries so close to go to. I recommend getting to Notaviva and Breaux if you haven’t yet. Both offer something different and are equally enjoyable.



  1. Always great to read your blog – especially because I’m always in my own tasting room and can’t keep up with the current wines and happenings at our neighboring wineries!

    Thanks for your passion for wine and your belief in VA wine especially. Looking forward to sharing a glass with you soon!

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