Posted by: runningwinegirl | May 18, 2010

Saturday Wine Adventure – A perfect Ending at Breaux Vineyards

This past Saturday was another gorgeous summer day that was needed following a week of cold and rain. It was a girl’s day for Melissa and I as we decided to get pedicures and explore some new vineyards before heading to Dog Days at Breaux.  We were excited to check out Corcoran and Sunset Hills. However, both were disappointing in both the wines as well as the customer service. Simply put, neither of us will be going back anytime soon. We were so happy Breaux wasn’t far away.

The plan was always to head to Breaux late in the day. I knew with the dogs and it being a nice Saturday things would be crazy. I wanted to make sure I saw Jen Breaux Blosser too. It was so nice to arrive and see the place still crowded but you could tell people had left. It was 4:30pm and there were a couple of parking spaces open. Jen was walking out as we walked in and it was so good to see her. She’s becoming a good friend and I was thrilled when she said she could come sit for a bit after we got situated.

Melissa and I were starving for food and good wine. We headed to the BBQ stand and ordered the pulled pork sandwich otherwise known as the “John Mosby”. We then decided on the 06 Meritage and sat down to enjoy the sun. For those who haven’t had the Meritage it’s a delicious wine that went well with the pork sandwich. I love barbeque and this sandwich was so yummy.  The Meritage was full, with plenty of dark fruit, nice light structure and a smooth finish. A touch of black cherry came out on the palate when shared with the pork. It was really a delightful pairing and I was fearful the Meritage would be too strong. I’m happy that wasn’t the case.

The Humane Society was on site and a portion of proceeds from the event will go to them. There were so many beautiful dogs all around. I didn’t bring Baxter being that we went to other wineries first. He’d have gone crazy though. I did see his long-lost twin. I am a dog lover so it was so fun to meet so many breeds. What was even better was how well-behaved all the dogs were. I will bring Baxter next year for sure.  I was bummed we missed hearing Chatham Street play. I got to see them last weekend at Paradise Springs and can’t wait to hear this duo again. They are the nicest couple and she has the most beautiful voice.

Ending the day at Breaux was the right decision despite the poor start to the day. We had a great time catching up with Jen, sipping good wine, petting dogs and enjoying a gorgeous day. If you haven’t made it here yet come check it out for the Cajun Festival coming up June 19th. I can’t wait to attend that as it will be my first time and no doubt Breaux knows how to show you a good time.


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