Posted by: runningwinegirl | May 6, 2010

Thursday Happy Hour with Seghesio

I will never forget the first time someone recommended the Seghesio Zinfandel to me. I was already eyeing it having discovered my dad had a couple different vintages in his wine cellar. It was a friend who shares my palate that told me I had to try it and I promised him I’d bring a bottle of the 07 Sonoma home to try. That was it for me. I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved it. It’s seriously one of my all time favorite Zins right along with the Sobon Cougar Hill. So you can imagine how excited I was last week when I received an email from Seghesio alerting me to a local tasting at the Wine Harvest in Gaithersburg being hosted by Cathy Seghesio.  I called to see what wine would be open and as soon as I was assured we’d taste the Zinfandels I told them I’d be there.

The Wine Harvest is a cute wine bar/store. One of the best parts was the free parking. We met Andy who was in charge that night and he was super friendly and hospitable. Walking to where the tasting table was set up, I was all smiles seeing the Zinfandels lined up. We were going to taste only one white and the rest reds. That’s my kind of tasting. To start we had the 2008 Arneis, the one white and it reminded me of a classic, crisp Italian white. While this was refreshing, I prefer a fruitier wine. With that said, this was a wonderful wine for those palates who like a good, crisp white wine. We moved onto the 07 Barbera and I was so excited to taste this varietal from California. I’m happy to say this wine didn’t disappoint. The moment I smelled it I knew I’d like it. This was fruity, fairly full and had the perfect amount of tannins. It was yummy and I look forward to enjoying it again. The 07 Sangiovese was next and a wine I’d been looking at in the wines stores for awhile.  It was medium bodied as I’d expect, smooth with lots of fruit and a nice finish.

The Zinfandels were next and we started with the 08 Sonoma. I had this wine for the first time last fall with some very delicious burgers cooked up by an amazing man who was out visiting from California. It was such a wonderful pairing I had to repeat it. This past February while out in Vail, I introduced the wine to my friends and family. We enjoyed it listening to oldies and cooking dinner which included gourmet burgers. Needless to say I was scolded for not getting more of it as it was a huge hit. And this time around the 08 Sonoma Zin was just as delicious. It’s jammier than the 07 but just as full and smooth. I was so excited to hear the 09 will be out this fall and could rival the 07 vintage. You’d better believe I’ll be jumping all over that. The 06 San Lorenzo was next and I learned this was a blend primarily of Zinfandel with some Petite Syrah. I loved how full this was with the perfect blend of dark fruit and vanilla. It had a velvety finish that just lingered. This was one we sampled again and again. The 08 Rockpile Zinfandel followed and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this wine. There was plenty of dark fruit and intensity on the palate with great tannins but it wasn’t as full as the others.  Last was the 06 Omaggio, a blend of 60% Cabernet and 40% Sangiovese. I loved this wine and can’t believe I’ve never had it before. The Omaggio was everything I want in my reds and more. The wine was big, bold, lots of dark fruit, tannins and a long, smooth, velvety finish. I’m excited to know it’s available here in VA through Wegmans.

As an extra treat, we were able to taste the 07 Cortina Zinfandel that was open and left over from an earlier tasting. I will be bringing a bottle of that home very soon. Again this was a full bodied, smooth and all around a delicious wine.

I had so much fun talking to Cathy Seghesio who was in town for the Wine Spectator Grand Tour in DC this past weekend. She was so friendly and full of information. It was awesome to learn so much about the history of the winery and the family. It was a lively crowd tasting wines on this night and it was great to meet some new people.  I look forward to visiting Seghesio someday and I guess it’s safe to say I need to get out to California sooner rather than later. I’m working on it. =)



  1. Thanks for the tip on The Wine Harvest. I work right down the road from there and will definitely stop in. Nice to “meet” you, btw. Followed on Twitter.

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