Posted by: runningwinegirl | April 20, 2010

Another quality #TweenPR chat

Yesterday was the sixth #TweenPR chat where pros with at least 4-8 years of experience came together to discuss this week’s topic, Corporate vs Personal Branding. I was solo in this week’s chat but was joined by some PR rock stars and awesome ladies in what was a lively and constructive discussion.

Here are some of the key highlights:

Q1: When it comes to branding yourself as a PR pro, do you believe orgs understand the benefit to developing one?
We all agreed that organizations see a benefit to personal branding but it was important that one does not overshadow the corporation if using it to enhance the personal brand. Overall we all felt that it was important to stay professional if tying ones brand to the place they work.

Star Tweets:
@tlockemy: I think they do. I think as long as it does not come in conflict or over shadow the organization.
@elissapr: RT @tlockemy Agree. If you’re brand helps enhance your organization’s brand- it’s a good thing!

Q2: Do you see a major collision of personal and corporate branding via social media? Is this good, bad or neutral?
Overall we all agreed there is a collision between the two and it can be good or bad. We felt it was important to be transparent when stating your personal opinions. However, we all also agreed that the personal brand should not interfere with the corporate brand or objectivity is lost.

Star Tweets:
@elissapr: But your personal brand cannot interfere w/corp brand; how do you maintain objectivity?
@tlockemy: I think if you add a disclosure & talk about PR but not specific clients, etc. then it can work

Q3: Can personal brand heighten the profile of your current company?
Overall we all felt a positive personal brand could raise the profile of a company. Employees are the face of a business and a positive personal brand can only help a company grow and bring in new business.

Star Tweets:
@elissapr: Yes! A positive personal brand can enhance new connections to your company; you act as the ambassador.
@Nakeva: I do agree that employee is the best brand ambassador. Shapes the image & always thinking of the company.

Q4: Do you think PR pros should be encouraged to have their own brand?
Overall the group felt each individual has its own brand already. Some don’t want to put the time in to promote and build their brand, others over do it and some get it right. It’s not bad to encourage but like everything else, there is some risk.

Star Tweets:
@Nakeva: PR pros already own their brand. #TweenPR’s rising are not far behind. They should be encouraged. Middle ground, fresh
@tlockemy: Encouraged? Maybe not, I don’t think everyone is cut out to shape and maintain their own brand. If they are, I see no issue.

For those who missed this weeks #TweenPR chat, we hope you’ll join us next week – Monday at 9pm EST! We will be discussing PR and Ethics – Can they join forces?

If you have questions for @shonali, @nicoleprexec or @suzielin for this conversation, please email them to: Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the chat!

Full transcript from 4/19/10 can be found here:

Thank you to the awesome ladies who participated in making this another great conversation!  We are excited for next week!

Suzie and Nicole


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