Posted by: runningwinegirl | April 19, 2010

Girls, Puppy, Wine Night with Sobon…

It was about a year ago that my good friend Melissa and I started what we now call our “Girls, Puppy, Wine” night. We grab a special bottle of wine, a couple of times a month, and pair it with cheeses, appetizers and dinner while our dogs play and we engage in great girl talk.

A couple of weeks ago, we were blessed with another gorgeous summer night (yes I know it’s spring) and Melissa had a bottle of 02 Sobon Estate Reserve Syrah. We’ve both been enjoying the various Sobon Zinfandels and had the chance to try this at a tasting before it sold out. Actually, Melissa grabbed the last bottle before I could so I was thankful she wanted to share. The nose on this wine was vanilla and black fruit. On the palate it was smooth, with the perfect balance of black cherries, vanilla and medium tannins. We enjoyed the first glass straight from the bottle but decided to pour our second glass through the vinturi. This brought out more of the fruit and an earthy tone to the wine with just a slight hint of vanilla. We enjoyed three different cheeses before dinner. The Gouda was the best with this wine and stands out in memory. It went with the earthy brie but not as well. The third cheese clearly wasn’t a favorite of mine as I can’t remember what it was! The peppercorn, soy marinated steak brought out the dark fruit and vanilla making it a delicious combination. No doubt this was a fantastic wine and we are both so sad to know we can’t get anymore.

We moved onto the 06 Sobon Primitivo next.We both agreed this should have been the starter wine but once we cleared our palates, this was delicious in its own way. Fruit forward and almost jammy, this was smooth and full bodied. It too went well with the meat and I actually preferred this wine with the earthy brie. Both wines were unique and delicious. I love this vineyard and look forward to visiting someday.

I’m all about exploring and paring wines with various cheeses and different foods. Melissa and I were thrilled last year when her two dogs (one is a schnauzer) and Baxter first met and got along so well. It’s awesome to be able to enjoy wine with honest, straight forward girl talk while our dogs tire themselves out.

We’ ve both met Paul Sobon when he’s come to Virginia and that’s always been fun.  I enjoy talking to his brother Robert on Twitter. Both are great guys. It was Robert’s feedback that convinced us to open the wine.  This Syrah was ready to drink and yummy!  I’ve noted on Twitter many times how much I love  the Cougar Hill Zinfandel but I can say that about many of the others. This was the first time I’d had the Primitivo. I’m bummed to see the 07 is almost sold out!  For those of you on a budget like me, I recommend giving the Vicious Zinfandel, a second label from Sobon, a try. It’s a good wine and great value. Next on my list to try is the Vicious Red Blend. I’d love to hear from others who have had the Sobon Zins. What’s your favorite?

As for the next “Girls, Puppy, Wine” night, I can’t wait to see what we open and I just hope the warm, summer weather returns.



  1. Nice work. What happens when the puppies grow up?

    The Viscious Zinfandel sounds like a great participant for my value team!


    Josh @nectarwine on Twitter

  2. LOL, then it becomes Girls, Doggy, Wine night.

    Def give the Vicious zin a try if you can find it. Great wine for $10!

  3. Big fan of Sobon as well! I’ve been up to the winery and Robert & family are, as you would expect, quite hospitable! As for their Zins, the Rocky Top is my going fave. The only Vicious offering I’ve had is the red blend and it was a winner, definitely give it a try. I wish it was easier to find the Vicious offerings here in the Bay area as they offer excellent QPR.

  4. Great to know! If I can find the Red I’ll let you know what I think. It’s not easy to find the Vicious wines here either. I agree, they are an awesome QPR value!

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