Posted by: runningwinegirl | March 15, 2010

Fun day in the rain at Pearmund Cellars

What better thing to do on a rainy Saturday than visit a vineyard with a good friend. Spring is in the air but it’s hard to enjoy it when water is falling from the sky. I was excited when my good friend @raelinn_wine let me know via Twitter that she was back in town and interested in meeting up at a winery. We are always looking to visit one we haven’t been too and in Virginia that leaves a lot of options with over 150 wineries. We decided on Pearmund Cellars having never been there and it was a fairly equal distance for both of us to travel. It’s a long driveway up to the parking area but you are surrounded by vines the entire way. I love seeing the vines in different states and I can’t wait to come back in the summer when everything is green. The tasting room is quaint but spacious and I was greeted the moment I entered. There are three tasting options: the classic tasting is seven wines for $5, Reserve tasting is six wines for $7 or you can taste it all for $10. We decided on the $10 tasting. I won’t go through everything I tried but I highly recommend getting to this vineyard. Those who know me know how much I love a big red, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I loved every wine offered in the reserve tasting.

There are a few that stand out in memory. I loved the 08 Malbec. On the nose I got raspberries and herbs and on the palate this was smooth, full, great structure and one of the better non-Argentinean Malbec’s that I’ve tasted. I’m a Cabernet girl all the way and loved the 07 Cabernet Sauvignon. This was velvety, with lots of dark fruit and just delicious. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the 08 Old Vine Chardonnay. I say that because I’m not a chardonnay girl. But this chardonnay balanced the oak and fruit beautifully. It was creamy but not heavy with apple and hints of vanilla.

The timing was right this weekend as we met Chris Pearmund, the winemaker and got to sample some of the 09 wines from the barrels. All were delicious and the 09 vintage is something to be excited about. I was ready to take the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon with me, it was so yummy. We received recipes to pair with wines and I’m looking forward to trying them. I also learned about Vint Hill Craft winery, where you can make wine as well as taste. I’m all about visiting it.

Virginia continues to spoil me each time I go to a vineyard. Rain or sun, this was a great way to spend the day. If you haven’t been to Pearmund, go! There are wines that fit all types of palates and the staff is full of knowledge. Who else has been here? Did you taste any new wines this weekend?



  1. I love the glass. It’s also cool that you got to see Raelinn. She’s a cool wino. The next time I’ll be in Virginia is 2011 to visit family. Are there any wineries near Roanoke we could meet at?


  2. I’m really excited to try some more Virginia wines. I’ve already tried one, and have three more bottles queued up to taste here pretty soon.

    I love the glass too. I love to support some local wine, wherever local is at the time. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the blog! We haven’t been to Pearmund yet, but have had several of their wines. We went to La Grange and liked it (also owned by Pearmund). Hope all is well!

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