Posted by: runningwinegirl | February 23, 2010

Oh yes, another blog is starting…

I’ve been pondering a blog for a while now. So many told me to find one thing to focus on and get going. However, I’m a girl with many passions in life and having a journalism background, my endless curiosity challenges that suggestion. I love food, traveling and doing anything outside. For over a year I’ve worked in the wine industry as a consultant and as a result many have asked me for a wine blog. I admit it’s a topic I have much to comment on but I don’t want to be just another blog reviewing food and wine, so I’m mixing it up.

As a PR girl, I’m fascinated by the evolution of the media and it’s interesting to see how wineries are using social media as well as other industries.  I love how it all incorporates bringing people together.  I’m all about a good conversation and while this site is still under construction, I hope you’ll enjoy the content and respond with comments/questions.



  1. Congrats on your blog launch! Look forward to reading more :). xoxo

  2. So I am an official “READER” of the blog. Nicely put together thus far. Kudos!

  3. Welcome, ‘officially’ to the blogosphere… look forward to reading…

  4. Im a PR student and this blog is great! Nicely done – Thank you!

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